Voyageur – Wasteland

‘Voyageur’ is back with his brand new single ‘Wasteland’!

I have been a fan since he dropped the brilliant ‘Tear My Heart Out’ a month back, since then I have been waiting for a new release.

Check out ‘Wasteland’ here

Azekel – Holy Matrimony

‘Azekel’ is back with his brand new single ‘Holy Matrimony’!

After blogging his last single ‘New Romance’ a month back, I have been looking forward to his new material and I must say I am impressed!

Great work ‘Azekel’!

Check out ‘Holy Matrimony’ here

Anna Of The North – Sway

Introducing ‘Anna Of The North’ with her debut track ‘Sway’!

Let this laid back synth pop sound entice you into Anna’s brand new world!

Great work Anna!

Check out ‘Sway’ here

Laurel – Shells

Ahhhh its just beautiful!

‘Laurel’ is back with her brand new single ‘Shells’ taken from the ‘To The Hills’ EP and it is just brilliant!

There is nothing else to say!

Check out ‘Shells’ here

Adam Smith – The Only Life I Know

I am a huge fan of Adam Smith’s music and I am so happy he has released a new single!

After blogging ‘These Shores’ a few months back I couldn’t wait to hear something new from Adam, and he hasn’t disappointed me with his new track ‘The Only Life I Know’!

Great work ‘Adam’!

Check out ‘The Only Life I Know’ here

Billie Black – I Waited For You

Introducing London based Singer/Songwriter ‘Billie Black’ with her debut single ‘I Waited For You’!

For some reason I sense ‘Dido’!

Really feeling this, great work Billie!

Check out ‘I waited For You’ along with the official music video here

Jack + Eliza – Hold The Line

Introducing New York City’s newest pop duo ‘Jack + Eliza’!

With their debut track ‘Hold The Line’ receiving great feedback, I would say the future looks bright for ‘Jack + Eliza’!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Hold The Line’ here

Elder Island – The Big Unknown

‘Elder Island’ are back with their brand new single called ‘The Big Unknown’!

‘The Big Unknown’ is the second track taken from Elder Island’s self-titled debut EP.

Check out ‘The Big Unknown’ here

Olympic Ayres – Control

‘Olympic Ayres’ are back with their brand new single ‘Control’ and my word is it catchy!

After discovering ‘Olympic Ayres’ a couple of months back when they dropped ‘Take Flight’ I was eager to hear more from them and I am not disappointed!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Control’ here

Tundra – Tiger

Introducing London based production outfit ‘Tundra’!

They are back with their new single ‘Tiger’ and it is great!

Since they dropped ‘Alice’ a few months back, I have been waiting for them to drop something new and I am not disappointed!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Tiger’ here