My Pretty Blue – Shallow Waters

Meet ‘My Pretty Blue’ aka Ryan Munroe with his first release ‘Shallow Waters’, an electronic blend of organic sounds and catchy melodies, galvanized by a classic soul vocal hook.´╗┐

Great stuff ‘My Pretty Blue’!

Listen to ‘Shallow Waters’ here

Puppy – The Great Beyond

I don’t usually blog music like this, but this is well deserved as this is fucking sick!

This is ‘Puppy’ who I have no idea about what so ever.

So ye….. have a listen!

Great work ‘Puppy’!

Listen to ‘The Great Beyond’ here

The Mispers – Weekend

Love this from ‘The Mispers’!

Been a good few months since London outfit ‘The Mispers’ last posted a tune, now they have I am pleasantly overjoyed!

‘Weekend’ is a great tune!!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Weekend’ here

Olivver The Kid – I Want It

This dude is sick!

For those of you who don’t know this is LA based ‘Olivver The Kid’ with his new single ‘I Want it’.

I blogged ‘Attica ’71’ and was blown away by the crisp production and now I am equally blown away with ‘I Want It’!

Great work ‘Olivver The Kid’

Listen to ‘I Want It’ here

The Beach – Thieves

Great tune!

Late to the party but music doesn’t have an age!

This is ‘The Beach’ with ‘Thieves’!

You can also catch the official music video over on Youtube!

Great work ‘The Beach’!

Listen to ‘Thieves’ here

Charlie Cunningham – Breather

I was blown away by Charlie’s performance at ‘The Social’ in London last night!

So I thought I would blog his latest single ‘Breather’ taken from the Breather EP, released on March 9th.

Great work Charlie!

Listen to ‘Breather’ Here

The Writers Block – She’s A Freak

The brand new single coming from┬áLondon Based Production Outfit ‘The Writers Block’!

Really feeling this!

Great work ‘The Writers Block’

Listen to ‘She’s A Freak’ here


The brand new one coming from the talented Derby lad ‘Morrt’!

Everyone needs to check this out.

Great work man!

Listen to ‘Dive Right In’ here


Matt Woods – Impression

The brand new single coming from London based singer/songwriter ‘Matt Woods’!

Love this guys voice!

Great work Matt!

Listen to ‘Impression’ here

Sol – People

Introducing Seattle based Hip-Hop artist ‘Sol’ with his new single ‘People’ produced by ‘The Zillas’.

This is brilliant, really feeling this!

Great work ‘Sol’

Listen to ‘People’ here