Lee Offord – It Doesn’t Matter

Introducing East Grinstead based singer/songwriter ‘Lee Offord’ with his single ‘It Doesn’t Matter’!

Really like this guys voice and think he has real potential.

Great work Lee!

Listen to ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ here


Tenterhook – What I Like

Really feeling this from London based singer/songwriter ‘Archie Faulks’ aka ‘Tenterhook’!

This is ‘What I Like’, the brand new single that is to be released June 8th on Cartoon Records.

Great work ‘Tenterhook’!

Listen to ‘What I Like’ here

Bibibourelly – Riot

What a voice!!

This girl needs no introduction as she is destined for stardom already, but for those of you who don’t know this is ‘Bibibourelly’ with her debut single ‘Riot’!

Everyone should get familiar with this girl as she is about to kill it!

Great song ‘Bibibourelly’!

Listen to ‘Riot’ here

Jon Bellion – All Time Low

Really like this!!

For those of you that don’t know this is ‘New York’ based singer/songwriter ‘Jon Bellion’ with his new single ‘All Time Low’!

I recommend you all check this talented guy out!

Great work ‘Jon’!

Listen to ‘All Time Low’ here

Speelburg – You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)

So much love for ‘Speelburg’!

Fell in love with this guy when he dropped ‘Kline’ a few months back which was an absolute banger!!

Now he is back with his brand new tune ‘You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)’ which is awesome!

I look forward to watching him perform at ‘Electrowerkz, London’ on June 11th.

Great work ‘Speelburg’!

Listen to ‘You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)’ here

Made In Heights – Forgiveness

This is awesome!!

The LA pop-duo have delivered a masterpiece with this single!

‘Forgiveness’ comes from ‘Made In Heights’ next full-length album slated for release on 26th May.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Forgiveness’ here

Stint X Dirty Radio – As Long As You’re With Me

This is fireeeee!!

‘As Long As You’re With Me’ is DiRTY RADiO’s first original release of 2015 with longtime friend and collaborator Stint.

Love this, great collab guys!

Listen to ‘As Long As You’re With Me’ here

Remmi – Star Spangled

Introducing Nashville based singer/songwriter ‘Remmi’ with her new single ‘Star Spangled’!

Really feeling this, cool vibes coming from this one!

Great work ‘Remmi’,

Listen to ‘Star Spangled’ here

Zdot ft. Nick Brewer – Like That

‘Zdot’ one of the biggest grime producers teams up with the talented ‘Nick Brewer’ to create this banger!

Naughty vibes right here!

Listen to ‘Like That’ here

Jones – Indulge

I love this girl!

First discovered ‘Jones’ when she dropped ‘Deep’ over 7 months ago!

‘Indulge’ is taken from the debut EP, released on Mon 20th April.

Great work ‘Jones’!

Listen to ‘Indulge’ here