Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

Late to the party with this one but what a tune!

This is ‘Kate Boy’ with her single ‘Midnight Sun’!

Really feeling this from the Swedish artist.

Great work ‘Kate Boy’,

Listen to ‘Midnight Sun’ here

Glades – Falling Away

Introducing Australian indie pop trio ‘Glades’ with their debut single ‘Falling Away’!

Really great to be introduced to these guys and I look forward to following their journey!

Great work ‘Glades’!

Listen to ‘Falling Away’ here

Wolfie – Drifting

Really like this girl!

After blogging ‘I Be Ghost’ a couple of months back I was immediately drawn to ‘Wolfie’ and you can see why with her brand new single ‘Drifting’, produced by ‘ADP’!

Great work ‘Wolfie’!

Listen to ‘Drifting’ here

Tuxedo – Without Your Love

The brand new tune coming from ‘Tuxedo’!!

Been a fan of these guys for a long time now and they cannot disappoint when they release bangers like ‘Without Your Love’!!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Without Your Love’ here

Chiara Hunter – Strange Relationships


What a naughty little tune this is!!

Introducing London based singer/songwriter ‘Chiara Hunter’ with her debut single ‘Strange Relationships’!

My word what a tune this is, so glad I have been introduced to this girl!

Everybody go and check this girl out!

Great work ‘Chiara’!

Listen to ‘Strange Relationships’ here

EMMI – My Kinda Swag

What a cracking tune!!

For those of you that don’t know this is ‘Emmi’ with her debut single ‘My Kinda Swag’!

Really feeling this so it well deserves a mention!!

Great debut ‘Emmi’!

Listen to ‘My Kinda Swag’ here

Desta French – Take You For Dead


I have known about this talented individual for quite some time now and it is great to see her release some material, I have been waiting for this for some time now to be honest!

For those of you who don’t know ‘Desta French’ then let this be your introduction!

Great work ‘Desta’!

Listen to ‘Take You For Dead’ here


Clean Cut Kid – Vitamin C

Damnnn! I have been waiting for this for a long time!

I have heard about ‘Clean Cut Kid’ for ages and could not find any of their music online until recently when they released their cracking debut single ‘Vitamin C’!!

I am so happy to share this with you guys as I am sure ‘Clean Cut Kid’ will be a household name in the future!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Vitamin C’ here

Friends In Paris – Solid

‘Friends In Paris’ is a Pop Hop project between a London born singer/songwriter now based in South West Australia and a London based producer.

Their imminent Debut Ep promises fresh production, haunting melodies, soul and hard hitting beats.

Really big fan of these guys and I suggest that you all check out ‘Solid’!

Great work ‘Friends In Paris’!

Listen to ‘Solid’ here

Halsey – Hold Me Down


I love this girl, I have been following ‘Halsey’ for such a long time now and it is great to see her getting the recognition she deserves!

Huge talent!!

Great work ‘Halsey’!

Listen to ‘Hold Me Down’ here