Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat

The brand new single coming from the hottest duo out right now ‘Oh Wonder’!

They have given us another masterpiece with ‘Technicolour Beat’.

Everyone needs to listen to this!

Great work ‘Oh Wonder’

Listen to ‘Technicolour Beat’ here

Katelyn Tarver – Weekend Millionaires

Introducing Los Angeles based ‘Katelyn Tarver’ with her debut single ‘Weekend Millionaires’!

Love a bit of commercial pop!

Great work ‘Katelyn’!

Listen to ‘Weekend Millionaires’ here

Trace – Heavy Shoulders

Introducing Los Angeles based ‘Trace’ with her debut single ‘Heavy Shoulders’!

Really like this, great voice!

Great work ‘Trace’!

Listen to ‘Heavy Shoulders’ here

Streakers – Shut Up!

Introducing New York pop duo ‘Streakers’ with their debut single ‘Shut Up!’.

My guilty pleasure is a good pop song and this is certainly one of them!.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Shut Up!’ here

Raye. – Flowers

The brand new single coming from the very talented London based singer/songwriter ‘Raye.’!.

I have been following this girl for a long time now and she is super talented with a great future ahead of her.

Keep it up ‘Raye.’!

Listen to ‘Flowers’ here

Sophie And The Bom Boms – Power

I think this is really cool!

The new single coming from ‘Sophie and the Bom Boms’!.

Check it out! :)

Listen to ‘Power’ here

Tuxedo – Number One

The new single coming from the very talented American based ‘Tuxedo’!.

‘Number One’ is a proper funky vibe and has been sampled from ‘Nate Dogg’ & ‘Snoop Dogg’ – ‘Aint No Fun’.

I love a remake and this is absolutely superb!.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Number One’ here

Oh Wonder – Lose It

I love these guys so much!

They are going to be huge and they deserve every success!.

This is ‘Lose It’ the new single from the very talented duo ‘Oh Wonder’.

Just let the music do the talking!.

Listen to ‘Lose It’ here

Seafret – Oceans

The brand new single coming from the very talented acoustic duo ‘Seafret’.

For those of you who haven’t heard of ‘Seafret’ then let ‘Oceans’ be your introduction!.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Oceans’ here

Kali Uchis – Lottery

Introducing Colombian-born, Virginia-bred singer/songwriter ‘Kali Uchis’ with her new single ‘Lottery’ taken from her first studio project ‘Por Vida’.

Fresh off the underground success of the mixtape ‘Drunken Babble’, 2014 has been a life-changing year for the singer that has seen her win both applause and collaborations from the likes of ‘Tyler The Creator’, ‘Diplo’ and ‘Snoop Dogg’. With a voice as silky smooth as the 60’s Golden State aesthetic she resides in, ‘Lottery’ is a gorgeous minimal plea for love that pays homage to both California low-rider subculture and the powerful vocalists of Motown’s ‘Golden Era’.

Be sure to keep this girl on your radar!

Great work ‘Kali Uchis’.

Listen to ‘Lottery’ here