Kacy Hill – Experience

Introducing Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter ‘Kacy Hill’ with her debut single ‘Experience’.

Really feeling the vibe on this one!

Great work ‘Kacy’!

Check out ‘Experience’ here

L A Y L A – Weightless

‘L A Y L A’ is back with her brand new single ‘Weightless’!

After being really impressed by the single ‘Smokestacks’, I have followed ‘L A Y L A’ ever since.

Great work ‘L A Y L A’!

Check out ‘Weightless’ here

Lucky T. Jackson – This Particular Girl

What a brilliant sound ‘Lucky T. Jackson’ has created, very 1960’s, very retro!.

This gives music a cool sound again, as it is currently very heavily electronic based.

Great work ‘Lucky T. Jackson’!.

Check out ‘Particular Girl’ here

Laura Doggett – Moonshine

Stunning vocal and song once again from the very talented ‘Laura Doggett’!

After discovering ‘Laura’ a couple of months back when she released the single ‘Phoenix’ her voice instantly stood out from many, so I knew her follow up would deliver.

Great work Laura!

Check out ‘Moonshine’ here

Halsey – Hurricane

Absolutely love ‘Halsey’.

After discovering her when she dropped ‘New Americana’ a few months, I had been patiently waiting for her to drop something new and I am not disappointed.

Great work ‘Halsey’!

Check out ‘Hurricane’ here

Trampolene – Artwork Of Youth

Ladies and Gentlemen and friends, I present to you Mr. Jack Jones from ‘Trampolene’.

This is just simply awesome.

Have a listen and let these lyrics blow you away!

Check out ‘Artwork Of Youth’ and the official video here

Låpsley – Falling Short

Superb once again by the very talented ‘Låpsley’!

This girl has a great future and it is great to see her grow.

Great work ‘Låpsley’!

Check out ‘Falling Short’ here

TĀLĀ – Alchemy

Every time I hear TĀLĀ’s music it just mesmerises me, absolutely fantastic!

For this of you who don’t know TĀLĀ, I strongly suggest you check out here music.

Great work TĀLĀ!

Check out ‘Alchemy’ here

Daniel Wilson – Heartbreaker

Once again Daniel Wilson does not fail to impress!

This is absolutely brilliant, great work Daniel!

Check out ‘Heartbreaker’ here

Lincoln Jesser – Rolling Stones

Lincoln Jesser just keeps producing tune after tune!

Once again great work Lincoln, keep them coming!

Check out ‘Rolling Stones’ here