Mabel – Know Me Better

This girls voice is gorgeous!

Introducing London based ‘Mabel’ with her single ‘Know Me Better’ and it is fucking brilliant!

Not much else to say other than check out this amazing talent!

Great work Mabel!

Listen to ‘Know Me Better’ here

Dave Not Dave – Cold Blood

Yes I am a huge Harvey Spector fan so I think you know how I found this!!

What a tune this is, absolutely fantastic!

I do not know much about ‘Dave Not Dave’ but if they carry on making music like this the whole world will know about them!

Great tune guys!

Listen to ‘Cold Blood’ here

Dua D. Lipa – New Love

Been following this girl for a long time now and it is safe to say ‘Dua D. Lipa’ is fucking awesome with a great voice!

‘New Love’ proves just that, everyone check this out!

Great work Dua!

Listen to ‘New Love’ here

Take A Daytrip – Calling (Los Angeles)

I am calling Los Angeles!

I don’t know anything about New York based ‘Take A Daytrip’ but this song ‘Calling (Los Angeles) is fucking awesome!

Great work ‘Take A DayTrip’ I salute you!

Everyone needs to check this out, hello synchronisation companies!

Listen to ‘Calling (Los Angeles)’ here

Coldabank – Heart Strings

Only just been introduced to the London based producer ‘Coldabank’ but I am really feeling this!!

The 28-year-old (real name Joachim Walker) first developed his passion for dance music whilst exploring the clubs and raves of his hometown, Bristol. Following a move to London he found his way onto the DJ circuit, playing parties, student nights, and eventually clubs such as Ministry of Sound.

Really feeling this!

Great work ‘Coldabank’!

Listen to ‘Heart Strings’ here

Rocky NTi – Ride On

Ride the fuck on!!!

This is great, for all of you that don’t know this is London based singer/songwriter ‘Rocky NTi’ with his single ‘Ride On’.

A bit late to the party but who gives a fuck!

Great work ‘Rocky’!

Listen to ‘Ride On’ here

Ashley DuBose – Be You

Woaaaaaaaaah! what a voice!!

Love this!!

‘Ashley DuBose’ you have blown me away with this masterpiece!

Everyone needs to check this out!

Listen to ‘Be You’ here

R I T U A L – Josephine (Ft. Lisa Hannigan)

Been following ‘R I T U A L’ for a long time now and this is by far my favourite tune!

Really like this laid back style, superb!

Also props to ‘Lisa Hannigan’ for her brilliant vocal!

Listen to ‘Josephine’ here

Fine Art – Don’t Wanna Rush (Ft. Rachel K Collier)


Really feeling this from ‘Fine Art’ & ‘Rachel K Collier’!

Proper naughty tune this is!

Check out ‘Don’t Wanna Rush’ here

Kiko Bun – Sometimes

Ahhhhh this guy is just great!

Been following ‘Kiko Bun’ for a long time now and his sound is just superb!

Great stuff ‘Kiko Bun’!

Listen to ‘Sometimes’ here