Låpsley – Burn

The birthday girl is back with her brand new single ‘Burn’!

‘Låpsley’ needs no introduction!

‘Burn’ is a song from Låpsley’s forthcoming single, Hurt Me / Burn, out soon.

Listen to ‘Burn’ here

Matt Wills – Tonight

For those of you who don’t know, this is London based singer/songwriter ‘Matt Wills’ with his single ‘Tonight’!

Really feeling his vibe, great sound!

Matt will be performing in London at Servant Jazz Quarters on May 26th make sure you will be attending!

Great work Matt!

Listen to ‘Tonight’ here


Monastery – Promise

Introducing ‘Monastery’ an upcoming band based in Brighton.

Really like their vibe!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Promise’ here

July Child – Leave Me Out

My favourite London duo are back with their latest single ‘Leave Me Out’!.

I have been following ‘July Child’ ever since they dropped ‘Liquid Form’ months ago!.

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Leave Me Out’ here

Voyageur – Wasteland

‘Voyageur’ is back with his brand new single ‘Wasteland’!

I have been a fan since he dropped the brilliant ‘Tear My Heart Out’ a month back, since then I have been waiting for a new release.

Check out ‘Wasteland’ here

Paige Young – Wait

Introducing ‘Paige Young’ with her debut single and music video ‘Wait’.

After gaining exposure from featuring on ‘Borgores’ single ‘Wild Out’ Ft ‘Waka Flocka’, ‘Paige’ has delivered us with some solo material!

With some big collaborations lined up, the future looks bright for ‘Paige’!

Check out ‘Wait’ here

JUCELOVE – Call You Out

Absolutely digging this from the London based trio ‘JUCELOVE’.

With soulful vocals on top of a funky beat, ‘Call You Out’ has got me dancing for days!

Great work girls!

Check out ‘Call You Out’ here

V O Y A G E U R – Tear My Heart Out


Introducing London based Singer/Songwriter ‘V O Y A G E U R’

This is awesome!

I am absolutely blown away by this single, the hook is just incredible!

I suggest that every one of you checks this out now!

Check out ‘Tear My Heart Out’ here

EKKAH – Figure It Out

‘EKKAH’ are a female duo, who produce intricate pop with new wave and disco inflections.

I must admit this is a great first single, and recommend everyone to give this a listen!

Great work girls!

Check out ‘Figure It Out’ here

Spanish Gold – Out On The Street

After blogging ‘Out On The Street’ a few months back, I can now say there is a music video to this great song!

so here is the music video to ‘Out On The Street’ by ‘Spanish Gold’.