Tonight @ Notting Hill Arts Club ‘PYT’ Presents ‘PicknMix’!

PYT April 24th

‘Pretty Young Things’ return with their night at the ‘Notting Hill Arts Club’ ‘Pick N Mix’!

After the success of the last night with ‘Joe Hertz’, the club was filling up fast to see the latest installment of great music.

Join us again tonight for some more madness!

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VÉRITÉ – Colors

The new tune coming from the talented NYC based singer/songwriter ‘VÉRITÉ’!

I was a massive fan of her previous single ‘Wasteland’ so it was only right to post her latest banger!!

Great work ‘VÉRITÉ’!

Listen to ‘Colors’ here

Jon Bellion – All Time Low

Really like this!!

For those of you that don’t know this is ‘New York’ based singer/songwriter ‘Jon Bellion’ with his new single ‘All Time Low’!

I recommend you all check this talented guy out!

Great work ‘Jon’!

Listen to ‘All Time Low’ here

Samm Henshaw – Redemption

I have said it before and I will say it again, this guy is SICKKKKKK!!!!

For those of you that don’t know, this is the talented London based singer/songwriter ‘Samm Henshaw’ with his brand new track ‘Redemption’.

Make sure you all go out and get his EP titled ‘The Sound Experiment’ dropping on July 13th!.

Great work ‘Samm’!

Listen to ‘Redemption’ here

Cosmo Sheldrake – Pelicans We

I love this guy!!

Everything ‘Cosmo’ touches is superb, fantastic artist.

For those of you who haven’t checked ‘Cosmo Sheldrake’ out yet, then I suggest you do now.

Great work Cosmo!

Listen to ‘Pelicans We’ here

Shannon Saunders – Lo-Fi

The brand new single coming from the talented Swindon based Singer/Songwriter ‘Shannon Saunders’!

I have been a fan of hers since I blogged ‘Silly Little Things’ a few months back!

Love this!

Great work Shannon!

Listen to ‘Lo-Fi’ here

Lion Babe – Wonder Woman

‘Lion Babe’ need no introduction!

This is ‘Wonder Woman’ the brand new single coming from this talented duo!

Being produced by ‘Pharrell Williams’ you knew straight away this was going to be FIREEEEE!

Great work ‘Lion Babe’!

Listen to ‘Wonder Woman’ here

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Everything Is Everything

Love this vibe man, so chill!!

Introducing singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and native New Yorker ‘Gabriel Garzón-Montano’ with his fabulous single ‘Everything Is Everything’!

Gabriel is currently performing out in Texas at SXSW, so if you are in the area you know where to be!

Great work Gabriel!

Listen to ‘Everything Is Everything’ here

ASTR – No Type (Rae Sremmurd Cover)

Love this!!!

‘ASTR’ were one of my first posts over a year ago when they dropped ‘Operate’, now they have come up with a fantastic cover of ‘Rae Sremmurd’s’ hit single ‘No Type’!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘No Type (Rae Sremmurd Cover)’ here

Tor Miller – Midnight

Really feeling this from Brooklyn based ‘Tor Miller’!

If you haven’t heard ‘Midnight’ already then I strongly suggest you check this out along with Tor’s debut EP!.

Great work ‘Tor’!

Listen to ‘Midnight’ here