Ray BLK – Talk To Me

Woahhhh, what a beautiful voice this girl has!

Introducing ‘Ray BLK’ with her newest single ‘Talk To Me’ and it is absolutely brilliant.

The London based singer/songwriter has smashed this one out!

Great work ‘Ray BLK’!

Listen to ‘Talk To Me’ here

Mabel – Know Me Better

This girls voice is gorgeous!

Introducing London based ‘Mabel’ with her single ‘Know Me Better’ and it is fucking brilliant!

Not much else to say other than check out this amazing talent!

Great work Mabel!

Listen to ‘Know Me Better’ here

Tongues – You Never Knew Me

The new tune from ‘Tongues’!

Not really the type of music I post but I’m really feeling this!

Check it out!

‘You Never Knew Me’ is the second instalment from their new EP Due to be released September 2015

Listen to ‘You Never Knew Me’ here

Girli – So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya


This is awesome, very awesome.

Introducing London-based singer/rapper/producer ‘Girli’ who is making digital glitch pop and rap.

Everyone needs to check this girl out!

Proper catchy!

Listen to ‘So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya’ here

Son Little – Lay Down

This man has one of the best voices I have ever heard, absolutely incredible!

First discovered ‘Son Little’ when he dropped ‘Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches’ over a year ago and it literally did blow me away.

If you haven’t heard of this guys music before then I suggest you do now!

Great work ‘Son Little’!

Listen to ‘Lay Down’ here

Låpsley – Burn

The birthday girl is back with her brand new single ‘Burn’!

‘Låpsley’ needs no introduction!

‘Burn’ is a song from Låpsley’s forthcoming single, Hurt Me / Burn, out soon.

Listen to ‘Burn’ here

Stormzy – 10 Minutes

Its only right to blog the most talented newcomer in the industry right now!

Everyone should already know about ‘Stormzy’ but for those who have been living behind a rock for the last year let ’10 Minutes’ be your introduction!

Great tune!

Listen to ’10 Minutes’ here

Flo Morrissey – If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away

Ahhhh what a beautiful voice!!

This is London-based singer/songwriter ‘Flo Morrissey’ with her new single ‘If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away’!

I first heard of ‘Flo’ when she released ‘Pages Of Gold’ a few months ago and knew back then she was a talent!

Great work Flo!

Listen to ‘If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away’ here

Whilk and Misky – Two Bridges

The ‘Whilk And Misky’ boys are back with their new tune ‘Two Bridges’!

They always deliver with a banger and it hasn’t changed here!

Great work lads!

Listen to ‘Two Bridges’ here

Halsey – Hold Me Down


I love this girl, I have been following ‘Halsey’ for such a long time now and it is great to see her getting the recognition she deserves!

Huge talent!!

Great work ‘Halsey’!

Listen to ‘Hold Me Down’ here