Oyinda – The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me

Wow, what a vocal!

For those of you who don’t know, this is ‘Oyinda’ with her brand new single ‘The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me’!

Huge fan of this!

Great work ‘Oyinda’!

Check out ‘The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me’ here

Monastery – Promise

Introducing ‘Monastery’ an upcoming band based in Brighton.

Really like their vibe!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Promise’ here

Rachel Foxx – Rachel Foxx The EP

‘Rachel Foxx’ is back with her stunning self titled 6 track EP!

I have been following Rachel for a long time and she is an incredible talent.

Let Rachel entice you into her world and I guarantee you will be blown away!

great work Rachel.

Check out ‘Rachel Foxx The EP’ here

July Child – Leave Me Out

My favourite London duo are back with their latest single ‘Leave Me Out’!.

I have been following ‘July Child’ ever since they dropped ‘Liquid Form’ months ago!.

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Leave Me Out’ here

LuvBug – Resonance Ft. Talay Riley

Introducing London based producer ‘LuvBug’ with his latest single ‘Resonance’ featuring the very talented singer/songwriter ‘Talay Riley’!

I have been following LuvBug’s career ever since ‘Give It To Me’ featuring ‘Little Nikki’ dropped a few months back!

Great work ‘LuvBug’!

Check out ‘Resonance’ here

Son Little – Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches


This guys voice is incredible!

Safe to say I am blown away by this!

One for the future maybe?

Check out ‘Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches’ by ‘Son Little’ here

Rubee Rayne – DSYLM (Don’t Say You Love Me)

After blogging ‘Breathe’ back in January, I was instantly a fan of ‘Rubee Rayne’!

Now it is so great to see ‘Rubee Rayne’ doing so well with her latest single ‘DSYLM (Don’t Say You Love Me)’

Great stuff ‘Rubee’!

Check out ‘DSYLM (Don’t Say You Love Me)’ here

Kaasi – Tell Me

‘Kaasi’ is back with his brand new single ‘Tell Me’, and once again he doesn’t fail to impress!

His vibe is so unique and elegant!

Great work ‘Kaasi’!

Check out ‘Tell Me’ here

Kate Stewart – Tell Me ‘Bout That

The debut single from the ever popular ‘Kate Stewart’, and I must say what a debut single it is!

Great stuff ‘Kate’!

Check out ‘Tell Me ‘Bout That’ here

Fire The Mob – Ordinary Things

Brand new tune from the London based producer ‘Fire The Mob’, and I must say this is a TUNE!

I have been waiting a long time for this to come out, and once again ‘Fire The Mob’ doesn’t fail to impress me.

Great work ‘Fire The Mob’!

Check out ‘Ordinary Things’ here