Izzy Bizu – Adam & Eve

WOW! what a great voice!

This is ‘Izzy Bizu’ with her brand new single ‘Adam & Eve’!

I look forward to seeing ‘Izzy’ perform at ‘The Courtyard’ in London on 13th May.

Everyone should check out this talented young lady!

Listen to ‘Adam & Eve’ here


I have been following ‘RAYE.’ for ages now and it is safe to say she just keeps getting better and better!

The London based singer/songwriter gives us her new single ‘Alien’ featuring Avelino.

Great work ‘RAYE.’!

Listen to ‘Alien’ here

Made In Heights – Slow Burn

I am a huge fan of this duo from America!

For those of you who don’t know ‘Made In Heights’ then I suggest you start hear.

They gave us ‘Forgiveness’ a few weeks back which was brilliant and most recently they have given us ‘Slow Burn’ which is fabulous!

Everyone NEEDS to check this out.

Listen to ‘Slow Burn’ here

GIANTS – Throwback Ft Josef Salvat

Ahhhh this is bliss!!

This is UK based ‘GIANTS’ teaming up with the very talented ‘Josef Salvat’ to create this absolute banger!


Great work guys.

Listen to ‘Throwback’ here

Shannon Saunders – Bodies & Beats

The brand new single coming from the very talented London based singer/songwriter ‘Shannon Saunders’!

I have been following ‘Shannon’ for a long time now so every song she drops I expect to be great and it is no different with ‘Bodies & Beats’.

Great work ‘Shannon’!

Listen to ‘Bodies & Beats’ here

Vicktor Taiw√≤ – Feathers & Wax

I have been following ‘Vicktor’ ever since he released ‘Paradise Island’ nearly a year ago!

He is back with his brand new single ‘Feathers & Wax’ and I am very impressed, this guy is super talented and I suggest that everyone checks him out!

Great work ‘Vicktor’!

Listen to ‘Feathers & Wax’ here

Josh Flowers & The Wild – Jacques Cousteau

Known about these guys for a while now and after seeing them live at the ‘Borderline’ I was massively impressed by ‘Josh Flowers & The Wild’!

Great work guys!

Listen to their debut single on Soundcloud ‘Jacques Cousteau’ here

MIAMIGO – Hard To Love

I cannot believe ‘Opinions’ dropped over a year ago but time flies when good music is in the works!

‘Miamigo’ are back with their brand new single ‘Hard To Love’!

Really feeling this.

Great work ‘Miamigo’!

Listen to ‘Hard To Love’ Here

Eryn Allen Kane – Have Mercy

I have known about this girl for a long time now and it is great to see ‘Eryn’ return with this beautiful song!

‘Have Mercy’ is a tune you should all hear and ‘Eryn Allen Kane’ is a name you should get familiar with.

Great work ‘Eryn’!

Listen to ‘Have Mercy’ here

Oh Wonder – Livewire

Another outstanding track from the very talented London based pop-duo ‘Oh Wonder’!

The potential this duo have is incredible and with songs like this they will be smashing the charts in no time!

Great work ‘Oh Wonder’!

Listen to ‘Livewire’ here