Leisure – Hot Love

Damnnnn this is hot!!

This is ‘Leisure’ with their brand new single ‘Hot Love’!

The Auckland act is impressive everyone worldwide and you can see why with this huge tune!

Great work ‘Leisure’!

Listen to ‘Hot Love’ here

Ana Zimmer – Young And Brave

‘Ana Zimmer’ is a pop newcomer hailing from Paris, ‘Young and Brave’ is her latest track that I think is fabulous and well deserves a mention!

‘Ana’ may be a name that’s unknown to you, but after listening to ‘Young and Brave, you’re going to come quickly to terms with the massive potential that she has!

Great work ‘Ana’!

Listen to ‘Young and Brave’ here

Pell X G-Eazy – Got It Like That


Two of my favourite artists stateside have jumped on a track together and have created a banger!

I have been following ‘Pell’ for a very long time now and its great to see him getting the recognition he deserves, huge talent!

Check out the re-edited version to ‘Eleven:11’ aka ‘Got It Like That’ here

Speelburg – Lay It Right

This is absolutely superb!!!

For those of you who don’t know this is the very talented Belgium artist ‘Speelburg’ with his latest track ‘Lay It Right’.

It is safe to say every single this guy has dropped has been an absolute banger and it doesn’t stop with this amazing tune!

Great work ‘Speelburg’!

Listen to ‘Lay It Right’ here

Lee Offord – It Doesn’t Matter

Introducing East Grinstead based singer/songwriter ‘Lee Offord’ with his single ‘It Doesn’t Matter’!

Really like this guys voice and think he has real potential.

Great work Lee!

Listen to ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ here


ZUZU – You

Introducing singer/songwriter ‘ZUZU’!

Only just discovered her but I love her voice!

Everyone should check her out!

Great work ‘ZUZU’!

Listen to ‘You’ here

Oh Wonder – Midnight Moon

This very talented duo need no introduction!

The brand new single coming from ‘Oh Wonder’!

Once again guys you have smashed it, great work!

Listen to ‘Midnight Moon’ here

Olivver The Kid – I Want It

This dude is sick!

For those of you who don’t know this is LA based ‘Olivver The Kid’ with his new single ‘I Want it’.

I blogged ‘Attica ’71’ and was blown away by the crisp production and now I am equally blown away with ‘I Want It’!

Great work ‘Olivver The Kid’

Listen to ‘I Want It’ here

Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat

The brand new single coming from the hottest duo out right now ‘Oh Wonder’!

They have given us another masterpiece with ‘Technicolour Beat’.

Everyone needs to listen to this!

Great work ‘Oh Wonder’

Listen to ‘Technicolour Beat’ here

White N3rd – Luv The Way U Do It

Introducing Manchester based producer ‘White N3rd’ with his latest single ‘Luv The Way U Do It’.

Loving the vibes with this one!

Great work ‘White N3rd’!

Listen to ‘Luv The Way U Do It’ here