Honne – All In The Value

Really feeling this from ‘Honne’!

Ever since they dropped ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ a couple of months back I have been a fan!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘All In The Value’ here

TROVES – Youth In Decay

Introducing Brighton based trio ‘TROVES’ with their debut single ‘Youth In Decay’!

The future looks bright for these guys and I can’t wait to hear more from them!

Great work ‘TROVES’!

Check out ‘Youth In Decay’ here

Daye Jack – Trapped In Love

The man is back!

I am a huge fan of ‘Daye Jack’ and he is back with his brand new single ‘Trapped In Love’ and once again he doesn’t disappoint!

This guy deserves all the attention!

‘Daye Jack’ is a name to remember!

Check out ‘Trapped In Love’ here

Friends In Paris – Waiting

Introducing ‘Friends In Paris’, a London based production outfit that delivers hard hitting beats!

‘Waiting’ is taken from their forthcoming debut EP, so when that drops make sure you get a copy!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Waiting’ here

Jelacee – Demado

Introducing London based producer ‘Jelacee’ and my word he is awesome! one of the best producers I have heard in the game for a long time! his versatility to experiment is incredible!

Great work ‘Jelacee’!

Be sure to check out ‘Demado’ as well as his latest other productions here

HOST – Heartbeats In The House

Introducing London based disco-house duo ‘HOST’ with their debut single ‘Heartbeats In The House’, and my word what a tune!.

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Heartbeats In The House’ here