Smino – Raw

Yesssssss! Love this!

Introducing Saint Louis based rapper ‘Smino’ with his tune ‘Raw’ and it is fucking awesome!

Everyone needs to check this guy out, proper talented!

Check out the ‘S!ck S!ck S!ck’ EP via this link…

Listen to ‘Raw’ here

PELL – Cafe Du Monde

Been following ‘PELL’ for such a long time now and it is safe to say he is one of my favorite artists I have ever found, the dude is simple brilliant.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know about ‘PELL’ then let this be your introduction.

Great work man!

Listen to ‘Cafe Du Monde’ here

Girli – So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya


This is awesome, very awesome.

Introducing London-based singer/rapper/producer ‘Girli’ who is making digital glitch pop and rap.

Everyone needs to check this girl out!

Proper catchy!

Listen to ‘So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya’ here

P E L L – Vanilla Sky


Been following ‘P E L L’ for a very long time now and he is just fucking great!

Nothing else to say other than to listen to his new song ‘Vanilla Sky’!

Great work ‘P E L L’!

Listen to ‘Vanilla Sky’ here

Loyle Carner – Florence (Ft. Kwes)

This dude is super talented, everything Loyle puts out is a tune, this time he has teamed up with ‘Kwes’ to create this elegantly beautiful track.


Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Florence’ here

Sol – Ain’t Gon’ Stop

Ahhhh nothing like a bit of chilled out Hip-Hop to help you get through your Friday afternoon!

This is Seattle based rapper ‘Sol’ with his new single ‘Ain’t Gon’ Stop’!

The dude is mega talented and this tune shows that!

Great work ‘Sol’!

Listen to ‘Ain’t Gon’ Stop’ here

Jesse James Solomon – The Ride Home

Banging tune for London based rapper ‘Jesse James Solomon’.

‘The Ride Home’ is the first single off the ‘Ride Home’ EP which is coming soon!

Great work ‘Jesse’!

Listen to ‘The Ride Home’ here

High Rule – Thirsty

Naughty tune!!!!

Introducing Chicago based duo ‘High Rule’ with their new tune ‘Thirsty’!!

Only just discovered these guys but I am a fan of them already.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Thirsty’ here

Daye Jack – Save My Soul

Ahhhh man!!

Everything this guy puts out is just so cool!!

I have been following ‘Daye Jack’ for quite sometime now and every time he releases a new tune I get excited as I know how great it will be and nothing changes with ‘Save My Soul’!

‘Soul Glitch’ will be available on June 30th!

Listen to ‘Save My Soul’ Here

Friends In Paris – Solid

‘Friends In Paris’ is a Pop Hop project between a London born singer/songwriter now based in South West Australia and a London based producer.

Their imminent Debut Ep promises fresh production, haunting melodies, soul and hard hitting beats.

Really big fan of these guys and I suggest that you all check out ‘Solid’!

Great work ‘Friends In Paris’!

Listen to ‘Solid’ here