Honne – Over Lover EP

I love these guys!

I have been following ‘Honne’ since they released their debut single ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ over a year ago!

Since then it has been a blur and they have kept giving us tune after tune after tune.

Now they have given us their brand new EP titled ‘Over Lover’!

Everyone needs to get their hands on this!

Great work guys!

Listen to the ‘Over Lover’ EP here

Honne – Loves The Jobs You Hate


‘Honne’ have such a distinct tone, its beautiful!

This is ‘Loves The Jobs You Hate’, taken from their forthcoming ‘Over Lover’ EP out on September 2nd.

Great work once again guys!

Listen to ‘Loves The Jobs You Hate’ here

Will Joseph Cook – Hearse

This is Will Joseph Cook’s new track ‘Hearse’ which is taken from his new EP ‘Proof Enough’ and my word does this kid keep getting better and better!

Huge fan of this kid!

Great work Will!

Listen to ‘Hearse’ here

Milan – Lime

Corrrr what a voice this girl has!

Introducing Australian based singer/songwriter ‘Milan’ with her brand new single ‘Lime’!

I first discovered Milan when she released her EP ‘Glassy Eyes’ a few months ago!

Really like this girl, great work Milan!

Listen to ‘Lime’ here

Jesse James Solomon – The Ride Home

Banging tune for London based rapper ‘Jesse James Solomon’.

‘The Ride Home’ is the first single off the ‘Ride Home’ EP which is coming soon!

Great work ‘Jesse’!

Listen to ‘The Ride Home’ here

Grace Acladna – London

Yeahhhhh this is proper nice!

For those of you that don’t know this is ‘Grace Acladna’ with her new single ‘London’ which is taken from the ‘Songs of the Subconcious’ EP, forthcoming this summer on Hometown Records.

Proper feeling this, great one Grace!

Listen to ‘London’ here

Will Joseph Cook – Beach

Been following this guy since he released his debut single ‘Streets Of Paris’ a few months back.

Now he is back with his brand new single ‘Beach’ taken from his new EP ‘Proof Enough’!

Great work ‘Will’!

Listen to ‘Beach’ here

Anne-Marie – Gemini

‘Anne-Marie’ is back with her brand new single ‘Gemini’ which is taken from her forthcoming EP titled ‘Karate’!

I really like this girl, think she has a great vibe!!

Great work ‘Anne-Marie’!

Listen to ‘Gemini’ here

Cloves – Frail Love

Introducing ‘Cloves’ with her amazing debut single ‘Frail Love’!

The singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia gives us this beauty in preparation for the release of her forthcoming EP titled ‘XIII’.

Great work ‘Cloves’!

Listen to ‘Frail Love’ here

Sample Answer – Good Boy

Introducing Irish born London-based ‘Sample Answer’ with his brand new tune ‘Good Boy’!

‘Good Boy’ is the Lead Single from Sample Answer’s debut EP ‘Good Boy’ released on 24/7/15.
Pre-order the EP and get ‘Good Boy’ immediately here: smarturl.it/Good-Boy-EP

Smashing tune, great work ‘Sample Answer’!

Listen to ‘Good Boy’ here