Ray BLK – Talk To Me

Woahhhh, what a beautiful voice this girl has!

Introducing ‘Ray BLK’ with her newest single ‘Talk To Me’ and it is absolutely brilliant.

The London based singer/songwriter has smashed this one out!

Great work ‘Ray BLK’!

Listen to ‘Talk To Me’ here

Cardboard Foxes – Distraction Ft. Kelly Erez

Really feeling this tune from ‘Cardboard Foxes’!

Proper naughty this is especially with the talented ‘Kelly Erez’ headlining the vocals!

Everyone needs to check this out!

Great work ‘Cardboard Foxes’ & ‘Kelly Erez’

Listen to ‘Distraction’ here

Chris Loco Ft. Raye – Ego

Woahhhhhhhhhh I have just had an eargasm.

This tune is fucking naughty!!!!!

Introducing ‘Chris Loco’ to the world, this is exceptional and to top it off Chris has teamed up with the super talented ‘Raye’ to create this banger ‘Ego’!

Great work Chris & Raye!

Listen to ‘Ego’ here

Kat Vinter – Islands

I only just discovered ‘Kat Vinter’ the other day and I am thankful that I found her because her voice is beautiful!

For all of you that do not know about ‘Kat’ then let ‘Islands’ be your introduction!

Great work Kat!

Listen to ‘Islands’ here

Petit Biscuit – Oceans

Ahhh this guys productions are phenomenal!!!

For those of you who do not know about French based producer ‘Petit Biscuit’ then let this be your introduction!

Great work Petit Biscuit’!

Listen to ‘Oceans’ here

Desta French – Like No Other

Miss French is back with another cracker of a single!!

This time she gives us ‘Like No Other’ and it is a fucking banger!!

For all of you that do not know about Desta, let this be your introduction!

Great work Desta!

Listen to ‘Like No Other’ here

Her – Five Minutes


This is proper naughty!!!!!

When ‘Her’ released ‘Quite Like’ a few months ago they created quite a buzz and people have been waiting for their second release and here it is….. ‘Five Minutes’.

Really feeling this.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Five Minutes’ here

Honne – Over Lover EP

I love these guys!

I have been following ‘Honne’ since they released their debut single ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ over a year ago!

Since then it has been a blur and they have kept giving us tune after tune after tune.

Now they have given us their brand new EP titled ‘Over Lover’!

Everyone needs to get their hands on this!

Great work guys!

Listen to the ‘Over Lover’ EP here

Take A Daytrip – Calling (Los Angeles)

I am calling Los Angeles!

I don’t know anything about New York based ‘Take A Daytrip’ but this song ‘Calling (Los Angeles) is fucking awesome!

Great work ‘Take A DayTrip’ I salute you!

Everyone needs to check this out, hello synchronisation companies!

Listen to ‘Calling (Los Angeles)’ here

Coldabank – Heart Strings

Only just been introduced to the London based producer ‘Coldabank’ but I am really feeling this!!

The 28-year-old (real name Joachim Walker) first developed his passion for dance music whilst exploring the clubs and raves of his hometown, Bristol. Following a move to London he found his way onto the DJ circuit, playing parties, student nights, and eventually clubs such as Ministry of Sound.

Really feeling this!

Great work ‘Coldabank’!

Listen to ‘Heart Strings’ here