Lewis Del Mar – Wave (s)

Man, this guy is super talented, love his voice.

For those of you that don’t know ‘Lewis Del Mar’ then let this be your introduction as I am pretty sure this guy has a huge future ahead.

Great work Lewis!

Listen to ‘Wave (s)’ here

Smino – Raw

Yesssssss! Love this!

Introducing Saint Louis based rapper ‘Smino’ with his tune ‘Raw’ and it is fucking awesome!

Everyone needs to check this guy out, proper talented!

Check out the ‘S!ck S!ck S!ck’ EP via this link…

Listen to ‘Raw’ here

Stephen – Fly Down

Ahh this guy is incredible!

Introducing Silverlake based singer/songwriter ‘Stephen’ with his new single ‘Fly Down’.

After posting his first single ‘Remembering Myself’ I was blown away, what a future this guy has!

Great work ‘Stephen’!

Listen to ‘Fly Down’ here

Broderick Batts – Wavey

What a wavey tune! (Excuse the pun)

Introducing Tampa based singer/songwriter ‘Broderick Batts’ with his new single ‘Wavey’ produced by (Tommy Tysper).

Really feeling this!

Great work Broderick and Tommy!

Listen to ‘Wavey’ here

Paris Carney – Riot

Ahhhh I love this girl!

I haven’t heard anything from Paris in over a year so I am glad she is back giving us some new music!

Really like this, great work Paris!

Listen to ‘Riot’ here

Transviolet – new Bohemia

PHWOARRRRR!!! The potential in ‘Transviolet’ is incredible!

Introducing their new single ‘New Bohemia’ and it is absolutely stunning.

Every one needs to check this out, great work guys!

Listen to ‘New Bohemia’ here

Michael McQuaid – Vibes

Introducing Nashville based artist ‘Michael McQuaid’ with his debut single ‘Vibes’ and it is absolutely brilliant.

Really glad I have been introduced to this guy, great vocal!

Listen to ‘Vibes’ here

PELL – Cafe Du Monde

Been following ‘PELL’ for such a long time now and it is safe to say he is one of my favorite artists I have ever found, the dude is simple brilliant.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know about ‘PELL’ then let this be your introduction.

Great work man!

Listen to ‘Cafe Du Monde’ here

Kamau(ofTheHue-Men) – Jusfayu Ft. No Wyld

Ahhhhh this is sick!

Been following ‘Kamau’ since he released ‘Moon’ over a year ago!

Really feeling his new tune ‘Jusfayu’ so its only fair I post this tune!

Great work ‘Kamau’ & ‘No Wyld’!

Listen to ‘Jusfayu’ here

Eryn Allen Kane – Slipping

I have been following this girl for such a long time now it is great to see Eryn putting out awesome music!!

‘Slipping’ proves just how talented ‘Eryn’ is!

You go girl!!

Listen to ‘Slipping’ here