Honne – Didn’t I

I love these guys so much!!

‘Didn’t I’ is the brand new single taken¬†from HONNE’s new EP ‘Coastal Love’ released on May 4th on Tatemae Recordings.

Everyone needs to check out this very talented duo!

Listen to ‘Didn’t I’ here

Cosmo Sheldrake – Pelicans We

I love this guy!!

Everything ‘Cosmo’ touches is superb, fantastic artist.

For those of you who haven’t checked ‘Cosmo Sheldrake’ out yet, then I suggest you do now.

Great work Cosmo!

Listen to ‘Pelicans We’ here

Whilk and Misky – Burn With Me

The brand new tune coming from the talented London outfit ‘Whilk And Misky’!

‘Burn With Me’ has a vibe that makes you want to kick back on a couch with a glass of whiskey playing the guitar next to a fire, awesome vibes!!!

Great work lads!

Listen to ‘Burn With Me’ here

Nothing But Thieves – ITCH

‘Nothing But Thieves’ are an exciting 4-piece band from Southend¬†with the talent, integrity and vision to create heartbreakingly beautiful music entirely on their own terms.

Every one needs to know about these guys!

Great work lads!

Listen to ‘Itch’ here



The Beach – Thieves

Great tune!

Late to the party but music doesn’t have an age!

This is ‘The Beach’ with ‘Thieves’!

You can also catch the official music video over on Youtube!

Great work ‘The Beach’!

Listen to ‘Thieves’ here

Will Joseph Cook – Message

The brand new single coming from talented singer/songwriter ‘Will Joseph Cook’!

First discovered the Tunbridge Wells based artist when he dropped ‘Streets Of Paris’ nearly a month ago!

‘Message’ is taken from Will’s new EP ‘You Jump I Run’, released on April 21st.

Great work Will!

Listen to ‘Message’ here

Leaf Erikson – Flying High

Introducing London based band ‘Leaf Erikson’ with their single ‘Flying High’!

Really like this, cool sound!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Flying High’ here

Eaves – Pylons

The brand new single coming from the very talented Leeds based Singer/Songwriter ‘Eaves’!!

After watching him perform in London a couple of months back I was impressed, with his new single ‘Pylons’ I am even more impressed.

Great work Eaves!

Listen to ‘Pylons’ here

Charlie Cunningham – Breather

I was blown away by Charlie’s performance at ‘The Social’ in London last night!

So I thought I would blog his latest single ‘Breather’ taken from the Breather EP, released on March 9th.

Great work Charlie!

Listen to ‘Breather’ Here

Saint Raymond – Come Back To You

The brand new single coming from the very talented Nottingham based singer/songwriter ‘Saint Raymond’!

Loved his previous singles especially ‘Fall At Your Feet’ so it is only natural for me to blog ‘Come Back To You’.

Great work ‘Saint Raymond’!

Listen to ‘Come Back To You’ here