Alex Sloane – G2G (Ethan Burke Remix)

Alex Sloane is an independent songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Born into a family of creatives the half Chinese / half French songstress took up the mantle. She started playing guitar and writing originals at the tender age of 10. Writing alone was not enough for Alex and she started to attend open mic nights at 16, playing her songs to captivated crowds around the city.

She has received significant recognition and attention through her fashion based posts on Instagram. A love for both music and fashion play into Alex’s unique identity, building her profile both outwardly but also more introspectively.

On the title track ‘Dynasty’, Sloane says: “Growing up mixed race was difficult at times because in the valley, I was the most ‘ethnic’ person in my class. But my parents would tell me stories about our royal ancestry, and I found pride in my heritage. ‘Dynasty’ is an ode to that pride.”

Every song off her debut EP ‘Dynasty’ was written solely by the LA native. The project straddles the boundary of indie and pop with a wide range of influences varying from track to track, including some strains of R&B and K-pop. The artwork is also a product of Alex’s boundless creative enthusiasm. Her desire to express her own vision accurately led to a self-directed and self-edited video for the first single ‘G2G’.



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