Izzy Flynn – Faith

Inspired by Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill, James Blake, Chopin & Keith Jarrett.. London born singer/songwriter Izzy Flynn is an artist who draws upon a breadth of influences. Having gained a 1st class degree in Jazz Piano and an award in Composition from Leeds College of Music, Izzy has a stand out background not only in the intricacies of writing music but as a highly accomplished Performer/ Session Musician.

“Faith” is the lead single from a haunting, dark & ethereal new EP. Due for release on the 18th of November, “Faith” progresses from a minimal piano-vocal structure to a rich, textured piece of electronic bliss. “Faith” is Produced by one half of Majik and the EP includes Dom fromSubmotion Orchestra’s touch: each musician has brought an element from their own artistic background.

On the new single, Izzy notes:

“The verses describe a loss of Faith, whereas the chorus’ put forward a sense of hope and remembering strength. The track involves a lot of layered textures and heavy synth/arpeggiated chords, mirroring the complexity of the subject matter.”

“Hopefully I can inspire more young women to get into production & writing electronic music! There’s just not enough of us out there.. I’d love to see the next generation of girls in the studio & I hope I can be a part of that”

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