Lex Low – Drifting

Lex Low is a 23 year-old artist and producer, currently based in Los Angeles. Having made the move from London, Lex travels between the two cities – citing both as influences on his sound and songwriting.

This year saw the release of ‘Higher’, Lex’s most successful track to date – having been included in Spotify’s Fresh Finds and charting at no. 20 on the Global Viral Chart. He’s hoping to continue that growth through the tail-end of 2016 with his new single ‘Drifting’.

As Lex notes, “Drifting is a step towards the style of production I want to experiment with in the new year. About a month ago I found myself in a new coffee shop with a few hours to spare and produced the instrumental – the lack of guitar was due to circumstance rather than choice. I quite liked the feel of the track and decided to leave it as it was that day. It’s about trying to reconnect with a love that’s floating away – there’s possibly a parallel there with how I was feeling towards synth-based pop music at the time.“

Lex hopes to release more music in the new year, with a few tracks currently reaching the final stages of production. He will also continue to work with other artists, in order to forge new friendships and broaden his musical perspective.






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