Anna O – Symphony

This is incredible, what a vocal!

Introducing Australian Singer/Songwriter ‘Anna O’ with her new single ‘Symphony’.

Great work Anna!

Check out ‘Symphony’ here

Exotic Toy – Souvenir


The production on this is crazyyyyyyy!!

Introducing Paris based duo ‘Exotic Toy’ and their single ‘Souvenir’!.

Everyone needs to check this out!

Great work ‘Exotic Toy’.

Check out ‘Souvenir’ here

Elderbrook – How Many Times

Really feeling this from London based Producer/Vocalist ‘Elderbrook’!.

For those of you who don’t know about ‘Elderbrook’, let his new single ‘How Many Times’ introduce you into his world!.

Great work ‘Elderbrook’!

Check out ‘How Many Times’ here

Speelburg – Kline


This is awesome!!

‘Speelburg’ is back with his brand new single ‘Kline’ and I must say what a tune it is!.

Great work ‘Speelburg’!

Check out ‘Kline’ here

Klimeks – Odyssey


Another absolute banger from the very talented UK producer ‘Klimeks’!.

Let the single ‘Odyssey’ entice you into a brand new world!

Great work ‘Klimeks’!

Check out ‘Odyssey’ here

Max Taylor – Rightfully Yours

Introducing UK based Singer/Songwriter ‘Max Taylor’, with his brand new single ‘Rightfully Yours’!.

Really like this!

Check out ‘Rightfully Yours’ here

MOVIE. – Tusk Vegas

These guys deserve way more views!

This is the brand new single coming from ‘MOVIE.’

Absolutely love these guys!

Check out ‘Tusk Vegas’ along with the official music video here

A-L-X – Timebomb

I love this guy!

‘A-L-X’ is back with his brand new single ‘Timebomb’ and my word what a song this is!

Great work ‘A-L-X’!

Check out ‘Timebomb’ here

R I T U A L – Blood Flow

London based three-piece ‘R I T U A L’ are back with their new single ‘Blood Flow’, the third track taken from there ‘The Fall’ EP.

Really feeling this, great vibe!

Check out ‘Blood Flow’ here


A Z E K E L – Chronophobia

‘A Z E K E L’ is back with his new single ‘Chronophobia’ and it is fantastic!.

This guy just keeps on getting better and better.

Great work ‘A Z E K E L’!

Check out ‘Chronophobia’ here