Thai Mason – Drunk (Prod by FKJ)

Introducing Birmingham based rapper ‘Thai Mason’ with his debut track ‘Drunk’.

Really feeling this and it is a great sound for UK Hip-Hop.


Great work ‘Thai Mason’!.

Listen to ‘Drunk’ here

P E L L – Phantoms In Space

New Orleans based rapper ‘P E L L’ is back with his brand new single ‘Phantoms In Space’ and once again he delivers a masterpiece.

Been following ‘P E L L’ for quite sometime now and I feel that 2015 is going to be a big year for the guy!

Great work ‘P E L L’!

Listen to ‘Phantoms In Space’ here

G Milla – Galileo

Anything ‘G Milla’ does is awesome and ‘Galileo’ shows just how good this guy is!.

First discovered ‘G Milla’ a couple of years back when he dropped ‘Psycho’ and my word what a tune that is.

Strongly suggest you check this guy out.

Listen to ‘Galileo’ here

Loyle Carner – Baby Grey

Just been introduced to ‘Loyle Carner’ and it is safe to say this guy is sick!

Really feeling this, great work Loyle!.

Listen to ‘Baby Grey’ here

Prose – Run With Faith

Introducing Manchester based trio ‘Prose’ with their new single ‘Run With Faith’!.

Really feeling this, great work Prose!.

Listen to ‘Run With Faith’ here

Billy Momo – Drunktalk

Introducing Swedish urban-folk collective ‘Billy Momo’ with their new single ‘Drunktalk’ taken from their forthcoming sophomore album.

Great vibe!

Check out ‘Drunktalk’ here

Loom – Rain Falls Hard Here

Sick Sick Sick!

Introducing UK Based producer ‘Loom’ with his track ‘Rain Falls Hard Here’!.

Bringing back the Grime vibes, love it!

Great work ‘Loom’.

Loom’s ‘Grade EP’ is out now.

Check out ‘Rain Falls Hard Here’ here

Zdot & Krunchie – Got It (Ft. Krept & Konan, Lady Leshurr)

Brand new one coming from ‘Zdot & Krunchie’!

This time they have collaborated with the likes of ‘Krept & Konan’ and ‘Lady Leshurr’ to deliver this banger!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Got It’ here

Daye Jack – Summer Day

Brand new one from ‘Daye Jack’!!

He gives us his new single ‘Summer Day’, this guy just keeps getting better and better!

Great work Daye!

Check out ‘Summer Day’ here

Grand Wa Zoo – Von D

This is pretty cool, introducing ‘Grand Wa Zoo’ a Hip-Hop/Rap trio from London with their single ‘Von D’ produced by Von D.

Funky vibes with this one!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Von D’ here

Follow them at: