KYAN – Wire On The Fences

Love this!!!

‘Kyan’ is back with his new single ‘Wire On The Fences’ and I must say it is a banger!

First discovered ‘Kyan’ a few months back when he dropped the single ‘Zoo’.

Great work ‘Kyan’!

Check out ‘Wire On The Fences’ here

Max Frost – Let Me Down Easy

Introducing American based singer/songwriter ‘Max Frost’ with his new single ‘Let Me Down Easy’

Really feeling this, great vibe!

Great work Max!

Check out ‘Let Me Down Easy’ here

Perplexus – Higher

‘Perplexus’ are back with their brand new single ‘Higher’!.

After hearing this being played on BBC Radio 1xtra last night I knew it was an anthem.

Everyone check this out!!

Great work ‘Perplexus’

Check out ‘Higher’ here

Faith & Fury – Lotus Eater

Introducing London based Singer/Songwriter ‘Faith & Fury’ and here single ‘Lotus Eater’!.

Really feeling this, has a great vibe!

Check out ‘Lotus Eater’ here

Fine Print – Can’t Lie

‘Fine Print’ are back with their brand new single ‘Can’t Lie’ and its one groovy m**********r!

Discovered these guys when they dropped ‘About You’ over a month ago!.

Really feeling this, great work guys!

Check out ‘Can’t Lie’ here

Willow Beats – Merewif & Chess

This is incredible!

Even though this came out over five months ago, this is an absolute masterpiece by Australian duo ‘Willow Beats’.

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Merewif’ and their new single ‘Chess’ here

Jez Dior – Relapse

Everything about this is awesome!

‘Jez Dior’ is back with his brand new single ‘Relapse’ produced by ‘Danny Score’!

Everyone NEEDS to check this out!

Great work ‘Jez Dior’!

Check out ‘Relapse’ here

Billy Momo – Drunktalk

Introducing Swedish urban-folk collective ‘Billy Momo’ with their new single ‘Drunktalk’ taken from their forthcoming sophomore album.

Great vibe!

Check out ‘Drunktalk’ here

DAUNT – This Body Rushes

Introducing UK based ‘DAUNT’ with his debut single ‘This Body Rushes’!

Really feeling this!

Great work ‘DAUNT’!

Check out ‘This Body Rushes’ here