Dillistone – Sad & High

Introducing London based producer ‘Dillistone’ with his latest single ‘Sad & High’ and after dropping a song like this, I have high hopes for this talented guy!

great work ‘Dillistone’!!

Listen to ‘Sad & High’ here

Lewis Del Mar – Wave (s)

Man, this guy is super talented, love his voice.

For those of you that don’t know ‘Lewis Del Mar’ then let this be your introduction as I am pretty sure this guy has a huge future ahead.

Great work Lewis!

Listen to ‘Wave (s)’ here

Broderick Batts – Wavey

What a wavey tune! (Excuse the pun)

Introducing Tampa based singer/songwriter ‘Broderick Batts’ with his new single ‘Wavey’ produced by (Tommy Tysper).

Really feeling this!

Great work Broderick and Tommy!

Listen to ‘Wavey’ here

Max Pope – Less Than Nothing

Really feeling Max Pope!

After posting his debut single ‘All That I Need’ I could see why I like this guy!

With his new single ‘Less Than Nothing’ taken from his new EP that is out this autumn, it is clear to see that this guy has a great future ahead of him!

Great work Max!

Listen to ‘Less Than Nothing’ here

Paris Carney – Riot

Ahhhh I love this girl!

I haven’t heard anything from Paris in over a year so I am glad she is back giving us some new music!

Really like this, great work Paris!

Listen to ‘Riot’ here

Michael McQuaid – Vibes

Introducing Nashville based artist ‘Michael McQuaid’ with his debut single ‘Vibes’ and it is absolutely brilliant.

Really glad I have been introduced to this guy, great vocal!

Listen to ‘Vibes’ here

Dagny – Backbeat

Introducing London/Tromso based singer/songwriter ‘Dagny’ with her debut single ‘Backbeat’ and it is absolutely superb!

Every one needs to check this girl out! Great work ‘Dagny’!

Listen to ‘Backbeat’ here

PELL – Cafe Du Monde

Been following ‘PELL’ for such a long time now and it is safe to say he is one of my favorite artists I have ever found, the dude is simple brilliant.

For those of you who have been living under a rock and do not know about ‘PELL’ then let this be your introduction.

Great work man!

Listen to ‘Cafe Du Monde’ here

Black Honey – Corrine

Ahhh love this!!

Been following ‘Black Honey’ since they released their single ‘Madonna’ what I thought was incredible.

After posting ‘Spinning Wheel’ it was only fair to post their latest single ‘Corinne’!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Corrine’ here

Ray BLK – Talk To Me

Woahhhh, what a beautiful voice this girl has!

Introducing ‘Ray BLK’ with her newest single ‘Talk To Me’ and it is absolutely brilliant.

The London based singer/songwriter has smashed this one out!

Great work ‘Ray BLK’!

Listen to ‘Talk To Me’ here