Cardboard Foxes – Distraction Ft. Kelly Erez

Really feeling this tune from ‘Cardboard Foxes’!

Proper naughty this is especially with the talented ‘Kelly Erez’ headlining the vocals!

Everyone needs to check this out!

Great work ‘Cardboard Foxes’ & ‘Kelly Erez’

Listen to ‘Distraction’ here


Woahhhhhh what a proper naughty tune this is!

Introducing London based collective ‘WSTRN’ with their debut single ‘IN2’ and it is a fucking banger!!

Im just in my zone, great work lads!

Listen to ‘IN2’ here

Leo Stannard – I Need Time

Really feeling this from Leicester based singer/songwriter ‘Leo Stannard’!

This is ‘I Need Time’, taken from the Leo’s new EP which is out soon.

Great work Leo!

Listen to ‘I Need Time’ here

Chris Loco Ft. Raye – Ego

Woahhhhhhhhhh I have just had an eargasm.

This tune is fucking naughty!!!!!

Introducing ‘Chris Loco’ to the world, this is exceptional and to top it off Chris has teamed up with the super talented ‘Raye’ to create this banger ‘Ego’!

Great work Chris & Raye!

Listen to ‘Ego’ here

Folded Like Fabric – You Said

I have been following these guys from the beginning and it is great to see them back producing banger after banger!

The Folded Like Fabric boys now give us ‘You Said’ and it is PHAT!!!

Proper naughty tune, great work lads!

Listen to ‘You Said’ here

Kamau(ofTheHue-Men) – Jusfayu Ft. No Wyld

Ahhhhh this is sick!

Been following ‘Kamau’ since he released ‘Moon’ over a year ago!

Really feeling his new tune ‘Jusfayu’ so its only fair I post this tune!

Great work ‘Kamau’ & ‘No Wyld’!

Listen to ‘Jusfayu’ here

Petit Biscuit – Oceans

Ahhh this guys productions are phenomenal!!!

For those of you who do not know about French based producer ‘Petit Biscuit’ then let this be your introduction!

Great work Petit Biscuit’!

Listen to ‘Oceans’ here

Folded Like Fabric – Hunting For Reason

The lads are back with their brand new single ‘Hunting For Reason’!

Proper feeling this from the ‘Folded Like Fabric’ boys!

If you don’t know about this duo already then I suggest you check them out!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Hunting For Reason’ here

Her – Five Minutes


This is proper naughty!!!!!

When ‘Her’ released ‘Quite Like’ a few months ago they created quite a buzz and people have been waiting for their second release and here it is….. ‘Five Minutes’.

Really feeling this.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Five Minutes’ here

Clean Cut Kid – Runaway

‘Clean Cut Kid’ are back with their third single ‘Runaway’ and it is an absolute tune once again from this Liverpool lot!!

I think these guys have a big future ahead of them!

Great work ‘Clean Cut Kid’!

Listen to ‘Runaway’ here