Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

Late to the party with this one but what a tune!

This is ‘Kate Boy’ with her single ‘Midnight Sun’!

Really feeling this from the Swedish artist.

Great work ‘Kate Boy’,

Listen to ‘Midnight Sun’ here

Glades – Falling Away

Introducing Australian indie pop trio ‘Glades’ with their debut single ‘Falling Away’!

Really great to be introduced to these guys and I look forward to following their journey!

Great work ‘Glades’!

Listen to ‘Falling Away’ here

Wolfie – Drifting

Really like this girl!

After blogging ‘I Be Ghost’ a couple of months back I was immediately drawn to ‘Wolfie’ and you can see why with her brand new single ‘Drifting’, produced by ‘ADP’!

Great work ‘Wolfie’!

Listen to ‘Drifting’ here

XYLØ – Afterlife

Ahhhh love these guys!

The brand new single coming from LA based brother/sister duo ‘Xylø’!

I have been following ‘Xylø’ since they released their debut single ‘America’ a few months back and it is safe to say every track they have made so far is an absolute banger!.

Great work ‘Xylø’!

Listen to ‘Afterlife’ here

Rationale – Fuel To The Fire

After a short hiatus ‘New Music Talks’ is back and what a tune to start again with!

This is ‘Fuel To The Fire’ by the talented ‘Rationale’!

First heard about ‘Rationale’ when ‘Fast Lane’ was dropped a few months ago!

Great work ‘Rationale’!

Listen to ‘Fuel To The Fire’ here

Lucy Mason – Seas Of Grey

The brand new tune coming from London based singer/songwriter ‘Lucy Mason’!

First discovered ‘Lucy’ when she released ‘White As Snow’ over a year ago and have been following her ever since.

Everyone needs to check this girl out!

Great work ‘Lucy’!

Listen to ‘Seas Of Grey’ here

Tuxedo – Without Your Love

The brand new tune coming from ‘Tuxedo’!!

Been a fan of these guys for a long time now and they cannot disappoint when they release bangers like ‘Without Your Love’!!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Without Your Love’ here

Anne-Marie – Gemini

‘Anne-Marie’ is back with her brand new single ‘Gemini’ which is taken from her forthcoming EP titled ‘Karate’!

I really like this girl, think she has a great vibe!!

Great work ‘Anne-Marie’!

Listen to ‘Gemini’ here

Chiara Hunter – Strange Relationships


What a naughty little tune this is!!

Introducing London based singer/songwriter ‘Chiara Hunter’ with her debut single ‘Strange Relationships’!

My word what a tune this is, so glad I have been introduced to this girl!

Everybody go and check this girl out!

Great work ‘Chiara’!

Listen to ‘Strange Relationships’ here

EMMI – My Kinda Swag

What a cracking tune!!

For those of you that don’t know this is ‘Emmi’ with her debut single ‘My Kinda Swag’!

Really feeling this so it well deserves a mention!!

Great debut ‘Emmi’!

Listen to ‘My Kinda Swag’ here