Woahhhhhh what a proper naughty tune this is!

Introducing London based collective ‘WSTRN’ with their debut single ‘IN2’ and it is a fucking banger!!

Im just in my zone, great work lads!

Listen to ‘IN2’ here

Kat Vinter – Islands

I only just discovered ‘Kat Vinter’ the other day and I am thankful that I found her because her voice is beautiful!

For all of you that do not know about ‘Kat’ then let ‘Islands’ be your introduction!

Great work Kat!

Listen to ‘Islands’ here

Mabel – Know Me Better

This girls voice is gorgeous!

Introducing London based ‘Mabel’ with her single ‘Know Me Better’ and it is fucking brilliant!

Not much else to say other than check out this amazing talent!

Great work Mabel!

Listen to ‘Know Me Better’ here

Ashley DuBose – Be You

Woaaaaaaaaah! what a voice!!

Love this!!

‘Ashley DuBose’ you have blown me away with this masterpiece!

Everyone needs to check this out!

Listen to ‘Be You’ here

Micky Blue – Champagne Reign

Introducing New York based singer/songwriter ‘Micky Blue’ with her brand new single ‘Champagne Reign’!

Always a sucker to a bit of pop music and this just hits the spot!

Great work Micky!

Listen to ‘Champagne Reign’ here

X&Y – Rocket Science

Introducing London,Brighton and Wales based trio ‘X&Y’ with their brand new single ‘Rocket Science’.

Really feeling this, great work lads!!

Listen to ‘Rocket Science’ here

India Shawn – Jungle

Love this!!

Los Angeles born songbird and songwriter, India Shawn, gives us her latest re-work of ‘Jungle’ by ‘Drake’ and it is dope!

Proper feeling this!

Great work ‘India’!

Listen to ‘Jungle’ here

Peter Lyons – P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)


For those of you that don’t know, this is London based singer/songwriter ‘Peter Lyons’ with his ‘Michael Jackson’ spin off single ‘P.Y.T’ and it is epic!!

Great work ‘Peter’!

Listen to ‘P.Y.T’ here

Liss – Try

Introducing ‘Liss’ with their debut single ‘Try’!

Proper different sound than I usually post but I really like this!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Try’ here

Girli – So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya


This is awesome, very awesome.

Introducing London-based singer/rapper/producer ‘Girli’ who is making digital glitch pop and rap.

Everyone needs to check this girl out!

Proper catchy!

Listen to ‘So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya’ here