The Five Best Songs Of 2014

Here are New Music Talks picks for the five best songs of 2014, based solely on what I love and what the people listened to most.

In no particular order:

Arkon Fly – Backseat

First discovered ‘Arkon Fly’ earlier this year when the talented duo dropped ‘Through The Fire’ even though that song was hot, ‘Backseat’ blew me away and for that it truly deserves to be in the top five.

Listen to ‘Backseat‘ below

Folded Like Fabric – I Tried

These guys are great!

‘I Tried’ is a strong song with great production and for a debut track ‘Folded Like Fabric’ could do no wrong and that is why ‘I Tried’ is in the top five!.

Listen to ‘I Tried‘ below

Låpsley – Falling Short

Love this girl and think she is one you need to keep on your radar for next year!

‘Låpsley’ enlightened us when she dropped ‘Station’ earlier in the year which really alerted people, but for me ‘Falling Short’ is an absolute goldmine of a track and well and truly deserves to be in the top five.

Listen to ‘Falling Short‘ below

Son Little – Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches

This guy has one of the best voices I have ever heard!

‘Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches’ is an incredible song and the vocal that ‘Son Little’ produces is truly amazing.

Im sure all of you will agree with me that this deserves to be in the top five!

Listen to ‘Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches‘ below

Zella Day – East Of Eden

This was a hard one as ‘Sweet Ophelia’ is a massive track but for me ‘East Of Eden’ just shades it as it is sonically beautiful!.

2015 is going to be a big year for the LA based ‘Zella Day’ if she keeps on giving us singles as great as this year!

Listen to ‘East Of Eden‘ below

GARREN – Wanna Be There

This is sick!

Sometimes you just want to hear a massive production and ‘Garren’ does that by delivering ‘Wanna Be There’.

Sick vibes!

Check out ‘Wanna Be There’ here

Gangly – Fuck With Someone Else

Introducing Icelandic band ‘Gangly’ with their debut single ‘Fuck With Someone Else’!

Really feeling this!

Check out ‘Fuck With Someone Else’ here

Exotic Toy – Souvenir


The production on this is crazyyyyyyy!!

Introducing Paris based duo ‘Exotic Toy’ and their single ‘Souvenir’!.

Everyone needs to check this out!

Great work ‘Exotic Toy’.

Check out ‘Souvenir’ here

Klimeks – Odyssey


Another absolute banger from the very talented UK producer ‘Klimeks’!.

Let the single ‘Odyssey’ entice you into a brand new world!

Great work ‘Klimeks’!

Check out ‘Odyssey’ here

R I T U A L – Blood Flow

London based three-piece ‘R I T U A L’ are back with their new single ‘Blood Flow’, the third track taken from there ‘The Fall’ EP.

Really feeling this, great vibe!

Check out ‘Blood Flow’ here


Totemo – Opposite Of Charm

Introducing Singer/Songwriter ‘Totemo’ with her single ‘Opposite Of Charm’, taken from her EP ‘Heavy As My Dreams’.

Great vibes!

Check out ‘Opposite Of Charm’ here

Oh Wonder – Dazzle

Brand new one from ‘Oh Wonder’ formerly known as ‘Wonder Wonder’!.

Huge fan of these guys, such a refreshing sound!.

Great work ‘Oh Wonder’!.

Check out ‘Dazzle’ here

Caitlyn Scarlett – War Cry

Brand new one coming from the very talented ‘Caitlyn Scarlett’!

Been a fan of Caitlyn’s for a long time, and with songs like this it just shows why!

Great work Caitlyn!

Check out ‘War Cry’ here

Folded Like Fabric – I Tried

Introducing Hastings two piece ‘Folded Like Fabric’ with their new single ‘I Tried’!.

I must say I am really impressed, proper digging this sound!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘I Tried’ here