Made In Heights – Slow Burn

I am a huge fan of this duo from America!

For those of you who don’t know ‘Made In Heights’ then I suggest you start hear.

They gave us ‘Forgiveness’ a few weeks back which was brilliant and most recently they have given us ‘Slow Burn’ which is fabulous!

Everyone NEEDS to check this out.

Listen to ‘Slow Burn’ here

GIANTS – Throwback Ft Josef Salvat

Ahhhh this is bliss!!

This is UK based ‘GIANTS’ teaming up with the very talented ‘Josef Salvat’ to create this absolute banger!


Great work guys.

Listen to ‘Throwback’ here

Shannon Saunders – Bodies & Beats

The brand new single coming from the very talented London based singer/songwriter ‘Shannon Saunders’!

I have been following ‘Shannon’ for a long time now so every song she drops I expect to be great and it is no different with ‘Bodies & Beats’.

Great work ‘Shannon’!

Listen to ‘Bodies & Beats’ here

MIAMIGO – Hard To Love

I cannot believe ‘Opinions’ dropped over a year ago but time flies when good music is in the works!

‘Miamigo’ are back with their brand new single ‘Hard To Love’!

Really feeling this.

Great work ‘Miamigo’!

Listen to ‘Hard To Love’ Here

Zacari – Foggy Windows

Introducing LA based singer/songwriter ‘Zacari’ with his brand new track ‘Foggy Windows’!

Loving the vibe I am getting from this one, so chill.

Great work ‘Zacari’!

Listen to ‘Foggy Windows’ here

K Stewart – Keeping You Up

Been a fan of this girl for a long time now and ‘K Stewart’ has made another banger called ‘Keeping You Up’ produced by ‘Shift K3y’!

For those of you who don’t know about this talented London based singer/songwriter, I suggest you check her out right now….

Great work ‘K Stewart’ & ‘Shift K3y’!

Listen to ‘Keeping You Up’ here

Kiko Bun – Where I’m From


The brand new tune coming from London based original rude boy ‘Kiko Bun’!

Been following this guy for quite a while now and every track he has dropped has been a banger!

Everyone needs to check this guy out.

Great work Kiko!

Listen to ‘Where I’m From’ here

James Wolf – Hercules

Really feeling this from London based ‘James Wolf’!

‘Hercules’ is the new single that will be featured on the EP ‘Oxytocin’, released 4th May.

Great work James!

Listen to ‘Hercules’ here


Jon Bellion – All Time Low

Really like this!!

For those of you that don’t know this is ‘New York’ based singer/songwriter ‘Jon Bellion’ with his new single ‘All Time Low’!

I recommend you all check this talented guy out!

Great work ‘Jon’!

Listen to ‘All Time Low’ here

Speelburg – You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)

So much love for ‘Speelburg’!

Fell in love with this guy when he dropped ‘Kline’ a few months back which was an absolute banger!!

Now he is back with his brand new tune ‘You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)’ which is awesome!

I look forward to watching him perform at ‘Electrowerkz, London’ on June 11th.

Great work ‘Speelburg’!

Listen to¬†‘You Got Another Thing Coming (If The Only Thing That’s On Your Mind Is Me)’ here