Katelyn Tarver – Weekend Millionaires

Introducing Los Angeles based ‘Katelyn Tarver’ with her debut single ‘Weekend Millionaires’!

Love a bit of commercial pop!

Great work ‘Katelyn’!

Listen to ‘Weekend Millionaires’ here

Trace – Heavy Shoulders

Introducing Los Angeles based ‘Trace’ with her debut single ‘Heavy Shoulders’!

Really like this, great voice!

Great work ‘Trace’!

Listen to ‘Heavy Shoulders’ here

XYLØ – America

This is beautiful!

Introducing Los Angeles based duo Paige and Chase Duddy AKA ‘XYLØ’ with their stunning debut track ‘America’!

Everyone needs to check this out, it is magical.

Great work ‘XYLØ’!

Listen to ‘America’ here



Joe Hertz – Tears

The new single coming from the very talented London based producer ‘Joe Hertz’!.

Been a fan of his for a long time and it is great to see Joe getting the recognition he deserves.

Great work Joe!

Catch ‘Joe Hertz’ playing at ‘Notting Hill Arts Club’ on March 27th!

Listen to ‘Tears’ here

White N3rd – Luv The Way U Do It

Introducing Manchester based producer ‘White N3rd’ with his latest single ‘Luv The Way U Do It’.

Loving the vibes with this one!

Great work ‘White N3rd’!

Listen to ‘Luv The Way U Do It’ here

Viceroy – Back At The Start (Ft K. Flay)

Huge tuneeeeeee!

That Sax is gorgeous!.

‘Viceroy’ and ‘K. Flay’ need no introduction, so just listen to ‘Back At The Start’ and let it blow you away.

Great collaboration!

Listen to ‘Back At The Start’ here

Streakers – Shut Up!

Introducing New York pop duo ‘Streakers’ with their debut single ‘Shut Up!’.

My guilty pleasure is a good pop song and this is certainly one of them!.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Shut Up!’ here

Jack Garratt – Chemical


This is siiiiiiiiiiick!

The brand new single coming from the very talented London based singer/songwriter ‘Jack Garratt’!.

Everybody needs to listen to this as it will blow your ears off!

Great work Jack!

Listen to ‘Chemical’ here

Maliibu N Helene – Figure 8

Introducing South Bronx rapper ‘Maliibu Miitch’ and classically-trained singer/dancer ‘Helene’ with their brand new single ‘Figure 8′.

Massive tune, this is going to be big!!!

Great work girls!

Listen to ‘Figure 8′ here

Lyves – Shelter

The brand new single coming from the London based artist ‘Lyves’.

After being introduced to her work a few months back when ‘Visions’ was released, I had big expectations with the new single ‘Shelter’ and I am not disappointed.

Great work ‘Lyves’!

Listen to ‘Shelter’ here