Folded Like Fabric – You Said

I have been following these guys from the beginning and it is great to see them back producing banger after banger!

The Folded Like Fabric boys now give us ‘You Said’ and it is PHAT!!!

Proper naughty tune, great work lads!

Listen to ‘You Said’ here

Folded Like Fabric – Hunting For Reason

The lads are back with their brand new single ‘Hunting For Reason’!

Proper feeling this from the ‘Folded Like Fabric’ boys!

If you don’t know about this duo already then I suggest you check them out!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Hunting For Reason’ here

Her – Five Minutes


This is proper naughty!!!!!

When ‘Her’ released ‘Quite Like’ a few months ago they created quite a buzz and people have been waiting for their second release and here it is….. ‘Five Minutes’.

Really feeling this.

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Five Minutes’ here

Honne – Over Lover EP

I love these guys!

I have been following ‘Honne’ since they released their debut single ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ over a year ago!

Since then it has been a blur and they have kept giving us tune after tune after tune.

Now they have given us their brand new EP titled ‘Over Lover’!

Everyone needs to get their hands on this!

Great work guys!

Listen to the ‘Over Lover’ EP here

Oh Wonder – Heart Hope

I am proud to say I have been following ‘Oh Wonder’ from the beginning and to see them get to where they are today proves to myself why I do this.

The latest single ‘Heart Hope’ is the last single on their debut album which came out two days ago!

I am so happy to be on this adventure with them, ‘Oh Wonder’ I love you guys!!!

Listen to ‘Heart Hope’ here

Take A Daytrip – Calling (Los Angeles)

I am calling Los Angeles!

I don’t know anything about New York based ‘Take A Daytrip’ but this song ‘Calling (Los Angeles) is fucking awesome!

Great work ‘Take A DayTrip’ I salute you!

Everyone needs to check this out, hello synchronisation companies!

Listen to ‘Calling (Los Angeles)’ here

Honne – Loves The Jobs You Hate


‘Honne’ have such a distinct tone, its beautiful!

This is ‘Loves The Jobs You Hate’, taken from their forthcoming ‘Over Lover’ EP out on September 2nd.

Great work once again guys!

Listen to ‘Loves The Jobs You Hate’ here

Oh Wonder – Drive

As I have already said, ‘Oh Wonder’ need no introduction.

They are back with their new single ‘Drive’!

Don’t forget to pre-order their debut album out on 4th September.

Listen to ‘Drive’ here

Oh Wonder – Landslide

I have been following ‘Oh Wonder’ since they released their first single ‘Body Gold’ nearly a year ago!

It has been great to see them progress in the music industry and get this far, but for this talented duo I feel that this is just the beginning!

Great work once again ‘Oh Wonder’!

Listen to ‘Landslide’ here

Ever So – Not Over You

Really feeling this!!

Introducing Sydney-based duo ‘Ever So’ with their debut single ‘Not Over You’!!

Absolutely cracking this is!!

Great work lads!

Listen to ‘Not Over You’ here