Litany. – Look

Introducing ‘Litany.’ A duo based in North Yorkshire.

Really loving the vibes from Jake and Beth on this one!

This is a great follow up from their previous single ‘Slopes’.

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Look’ here

Holy Holy – History

Really feeling this sound from the Australian duo ‘Holy Holy’.

With the influx of electronic music coming out of Australia, it is nice to hear something different!

Great work guys,

Check out ‘History’ here

Ivy & Gold – Smoke And Mirrors/Animals

My Favourite duo ‘Ivy & Gold’ are back with two absolute crackers!

These guys are super talented with a very bright future ahead of them!

Great work ‘Ivy & Gold’!

Check out ‘Smoke and Mirrors/Animals’ along with the music videos to each single here

Golden Coast – Dream And An MPC

Really feeling this from ‘Golden Coast’ who are an Indie-Pop duo from California.

The single ‘Dream And An MPC’ is so catchy!

What do you think?

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Dream And An MPC’ here

July Child – Leave Me Out

My favourite London duo are back with their latest single ‘Leave Me Out’!.

I have been following ‘July Child’ ever since they dropped ‘Liquid Form’ months ago!.

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Leave Me Out’ here

YURS – Race

Introducing London based duo ‘YURS’ with their debut single ‘Race’ and my word what a tune!

Really excited to hearing more from these guys, really feel their vibe!

Great work ‘YURS’!

Check out ‘Race’ here

Pin Tweaks – Girl On The Wire

Introducing London Based duo ‘Pin Tweaks’ with their debut single ‘Girl On The Wire’!.

Really feeling the vibe on this one!

Great work guys!

Check out ‘Girl On The Wire’ here

Whilk and Misky – Clap Your Hands

Introducing London based producers ‘Whilk and Misky’ with their new single ‘Clap Your Hands’!

Really feeling the vibe on this one!

Great work ‘Whilk and Misky’!

Check out ‘Clap Your Hands’ here

HONNE – Warm On A Cold Night

Introducing London based production outfit ‘Honne’ with their debut single ‘Warm On A Cold Night’!.

If you like great music then I strongly suggest you check this out!

Great work ‘Honne’!

Check out ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ here