Huntar – Sk1n

The brand new one coming from the very talented musician ‘Huntar’!

Been following this guy for a long time now and every track he puts out just keeps getting better and better.

Blown me away once again!

Great work ‘Huntar’,

Listen to ‘SK1N’ here

Kate Boy – Midnight Sun

Late to the party with this one but what a tune!

This is ‘Kate Boy’ with her single ‘Midnight Sun’!

Really feeling this from the Swedish artist.

Great work ‘Kate Boy’,

Listen to ‘Midnight Sun’ here

Jimi Charles Moody – The Woman


This is epic!

‘The Woman’ is the new tune coming from ‘Jimi Charles Moody’!

Blows your socks off this does.

Listen and watch the music video to ‘The Woman’ here

Jodie Abacus – Good Feeling

The new one coming from London based singer/songwriter ‘Jodie Abacus’!

First heard about Jodie when I blogged him a few months back with his debut single ‘I’ll Be That Friend’.

Love the new tune Jodie!

Listen to ‘Good Feeling’ here

Glades – Falling Away

Introducing Australian indie pop trio ‘Glades’ with their debut single ‘Falling Away’!

Really great to be introduced to these guys and I look forward to following their journey!

Great work ‘Glades’!

Listen to ‘Falling Away’ here

XO – Somethin’ About U

The brand new tune coming from this talented young chap ‘XO’!

If you don’t know about this guy then get knowing!!

Great work ‘XO’!

Listen to ‘Somethin’ About U’ here

Alxndr London – Date X

Massive tune!

Everyone needs to know about ‘Alxndr London’!

First heard about this guy when he dropped ‘Gunshot’ a few months ago and it killed me (no pun intended).

Great work ‘Alxndr’!

Listen to ‘Date X’ here

Leo Kalyan – Silver Linings

Huge fan of this guy!

Been following Leo for quite some time now and I am so glad to be able to follow his journey, he just keeps getting better with every song he releases!

Great work Mr Kalyan!

Listen to ‘Silver Linings’ here

D/C – I Love Gold

This guy is sickkkkkkk!!

Been following ‘D/C’ for what seems a lifetime now and I am so glad he has put a new single out!

For those of you who don’t know ‘D/C’ then let ‘I Love Gold’ be your introduction.

Listen to ‘I Love Gold’ here

Wolfie – Drifting

Really like this girl!

After blogging ‘I Be Ghost’ a couple of months back I was immediately drawn to ‘Wolfie’ and you can see why with her brand new single ‘Drifting’, produced by ‘ADP’!

Great work ‘Wolfie’!

Listen to ‘Drifting’ here