Max Pope – Less Than Nothing

Really feeling Max Pope!

After posting his debut single ‘All That I Need’ I could see why I like this guy!

With his new single ‘Less Than Nothing’ taken from his new EP that is out this autumn, it is clear to see that this guy has a great future ahead of him!

Great work Max!

Listen to ‘Less Than Nothing’ here

Black Honey – Corrine

Ahhh love this!!

Been following ‘Black Honey’ since they released their single ‘Madonna’ what I thought was incredible.

After posting ‘Spinning Wheel’ it was only fair to post their latest single ‘Corinne’!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Corrine’ here

Leo Stannard – I Need Time

Really feeling this from Leicester based singer/songwriter ‘Leo Stannard’!

This is ‘I Need Time’, taken from the Leo’s new EP which is out soon.

Great work Leo!

Listen to ‘I Need Time’ here

Max Pope – All That I Need

Introducing London & Brighton based singer/songwriter ‘Max Pope’ with his first track to be lifted from the ‘Less Than Nothing’ EP, out later this year.

Really feeling this from the young lad, great stuff Max!

Listen to ‘All That I Need’ here

Clean Cut Kid – Runaway

‘Clean Cut Kid’ are back with their third single ‘Runaway’ and it is an absolute tune once again from this Liverpool lot!!

I think these guys have a big future ahead of them!

Great work ‘Clean Cut Kid’!

Listen to ‘Runaway’ here

Stephen – Remembering Myself


What an awesome tune this is!!

Introducing Californian based singer/songwriter ‘Stephen’ with his come back single ‘Remembering Myself’ and it is absolutely brilliant!

Really feeling this, great work Stephen!

Listen to ‘Remembering Myself’ here

Honne – Over Lover EP

I love these guys!

I have been following ‘Honne’ since they released their debut single ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ over a year ago!

Since then it has been a blur and they have kept giving us tune after tune after tune.

Now they have given us their brand new EP titled ‘Over Lover’!

Everyone needs to get their hands on this!

Great work guys!

Listen to the ‘Over Lover’ EP here

Dave Not Dave – Cold Blood

Yes I am a huge Harvey Spector fan so I think you know how I found this!!

What a tune this is, absolutely fantastic!

I do not know much about ‘Dave Not Dave’ but if they carry on making music like this the whole world will know about them!

Great tune guys!

Listen to ‘Cold Blood’ here

Rocky NTi – Ride On

Ride the fuck on!!!

This is great, for all of you that don’t know this is London based singer/songwriter ‘Rocky NTi’ with his single ‘Ride On’.

A bit late to the party but who gives a fuck!

Great work ‘Rocky’!

Listen to ‘Ride On’ here

Tongues – You Never Knew Me

The new tune from ‘Tongues’!

Not really the type of music I post but I’m really feeling this!

Check it out!

‘You Never Knew Me’ is the second instalment from their new EP Due to be released September 2015

Listen to ‘You Never Knew Me’ here