Rocky NTi – Ride On

Ride the fuck on!!!

This is great, for all of you that don’t know this is London based singer/songwriter ‘Rocky NTi’ with his single ‘Ride On’.

A bit late to the party but who gives a fuck!

Great work ‘Rocky’!

Listen to ‘Ride On’ here

Tongues – You Never Knew Me

The new tune from ‘Tongues’!

Not really the type of music I post but I’m really feeling this!

Check it out!

‘You Never Knew Me’ is the second instalment from their new EP Due to be released September 2015

Listen to ‘You Never Knew Me’ here

Nieves – Legs and Arms

‘Nieves’ are an alt-folk 4-piece from Glasgow and they are back with their brand new single ‘Legs and Arms’ and it is just great!

Nothing else to say other than have a listen and chill out!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Legs and Arms’ here

Skinny Living – Summertime

Only just been recently introduced to these guys but I am already a big fan.

If you haven’t heard of ‘Skinny Living’ before then let this be your introduction!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Summertime’ here

Bad Sounds – I Feel (Demo)

Introducing Bath based band ‘Bad Sounds’ with their single ‘I Feel’!

Really like the vibes coming from these guys!

Look forward to hearing more from ‘Bad Sounds’!

Listen to ‘I Feel’ here

Banners – Shine A Light

‘Shine A Light’ is the brand new single from the very talented Liverpool based singer/songwriter ‘Banner’s!

First discovered ‘Banners’ when he dropped ‘Ghosts’ a few months back and I was blown away!

This guy is brilliant!

Listen to ‘Banners’ here

Lewis Del Mar – Loud (y)

Introducing NY based artist ‘Lewis Del Mar’ with his debut single ‘Loud (y)’!

Really feeling this guys vibe!

Great work Lewis!

Listen to ‘Loud (y)’ here

Will Joseph Cook – A minute Of Your Time

Huge fan of this guy!

Will Joseph Cook just keeps on getting better and better!

‘A Minute Of Your Time’ is taken from his new EP ‘Proof Enough’

Great work Will!

Listen to ‘A Minute Of Your Time’ here

Clean Cut Kid – Twenty Years From Now

Love this band!

I have known about ‘Clean Cut Kid’ for a long time now and it has been great that they have put new music out in quick succession, first with ‘Vitamin C’ and now ‘Twenty Years From Now’!

For all of you who don’t know about this band then let ‘Twenty Years From Now’ be your introduction!

Great work ‘Clean Cut Kid’!

Listen to ‘Twenty Years From Now’ here

Fronteers – Youth

Introducing Hull based band ‘Fronteers’ with their debut single ‘Youth’!

Really feeling this from the talented bunch!

Great work guys!

Listen to ‘Youth’ here